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02 Warm Up Stretches

September 25, 2006 by eshan_admin

Making yesterdays introductory video-cast was so much fun, I decided to get straight to work on the second one this afternoon… in this next step I decided to deal with warm up stretches… what you see above is a collection of warm up exercises I usually do before going on stage to do a show… but you can also do them before practicing if you like… these warm ups include the fingers, wrists, forearms, shoulders, back muscles and spine… please note that these warmup exercises work well for me but might not work well for you… if you have any doubts or experience any discomfort please consult your physician before carrying on… a few of these exercises were shown to me by a teacher I studied with about 13 years ago by the name of Paul Elliot who I would like to give a quick mention here… in the next video cast we will actually get down to playing some drums… well, pots and pans actually… enjoy!