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08 Paradiddle Three

November 16, 2006 by eshan_admin

Things have been a little mad here since I got the all clear from Blue Man Group… and I am sure they will get madder once I fly to Berlin on Saturday… so please be patient… I will be posting new episodes every chance I get, don’t worry!

Anyway, this podcast features Paradiddle number three: RRLR LLRL

As usual I play it to the pre-programmed click track as eighths for beginners, sixteenths for intermediate drummers and thirty second notes for advanced drummers.

The recommended CD in this episode is a live album Sting put out quite a while ago called ‘Bring on the Night’ – click here to check it out on amazon… this album features a legendary drummer by the name of Omar Hakim… it is a true treasure chest for all of you out there who are bored with a standard approach to pop drumming… Omar definitely set a new standard with this performance!