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February, 2005

  1. Jammin’

    February 28, 2005 by eshan_admin

    As planned, I put aside the whole ‘Style’ approach to todays recording session… basically I just programmed a click at different bpm’s and jammed along to it playing whatever felt like coming out 🙂 it was a lot of fun, especially just being able to play without the previously self-imposed boundaries! So far I have recorded 10 tracks and now I am having a little break (listening to Radioheads ‘OK Computer’ in the background)… will write some more later on…

  2. Great weekend :oP

    February 28, 2005 by eshan_admin

    Yes, as I expected I had a GREAT weekend… just did exactly what I had planned: relax relax relax! Now I feel ready for a new week in the studio with some fresh inspiration… will be heading off down there around midday…

  3. Experimenting

    February 25, 2005 by eshan_admin

    Last night I ended up programming a few sequences that I thought might be fun to play along to… I think it was around 5 in total. When I got into the studio today I decided to put the whole style thing aside and just experiment with yesterdays sequences, the focus being on my own style rather than anything ‘established’… It was more of a practice session than anything else really but I did record some of the stuff I was doing… basically I am still deciding what exactly it is that I am going to do with my last week in the studio next week… I think I will do maybe two or three more of these style sessions and then just focus on recording a whole bunch of my own ideas… All I know is that the weekend is ahead and that I will just relax a little and start next week with some fresh inspiration… xo

  4. Done for another day ;oP

    February 24, 2005 by eshan_admin

    Yes the time has come already to say goodbye to the studio… I managed to work my way through 20 tracks today which made me feel good as I hadn’t recorded anything yesterday… these sessions are turning into speed recording sessions lol! I just come in, knock out as many tracks as possible in my given time frame and then I am out again… I haven’t even listened to most of what I have recorded so far believe it or not… just backed it up on CD for later use… I am sure there will be a lot of junk in there… but a lot of little gems too 🙂 I am glad I have this industrial style out of the way for now, as it can be pretty exhausting playing a lot of this kind of music only ‘once in a while’… Anyway, who knows what the next style is going to be… I don’t 🙂

  5. Industrial

    February 24, 2005 by eshan_admin

    OK, it’s time to get back in the studio! Feel like I have been away for days… Todays style will be industrial… fortunatley I have prepared all the tracks that I wish to record so I can just get straight to work… see ya later

  6. Time Out

    February 23, 2005 by eshan_admin

    Today I gave myself a well-deserved break… or let’s put it like this: I really need a break lol! I have had some family over from Ireland for the past week and I dropped them off to the airport at 8am… By the time I got home I was wrecked lol…I caught up on all the house work that has been piling up (he he) and later on I am going to do another little brain-storming session to see how I can best optimize the remaining time I have left in the studio. Should be interesting…good night 🙂

  7. Done for today :oD

    February 22, 2005 by eshan_admin

    That was some session! In the end I managed to record the most tracks (in one session) to date… 17… it should be said though that I am recording all that I do, for it then to be cut up after it has been mixed into individual loops for this sample CD… so what 17 tracks really means is 17 different feels from which I will then take certain pieces of audio… just thought I would clear that up 😛
    Time to back up todays session… my favorite part of the day (for this means that I must have achieved something or else I wouldn’t be backing it up!!!)…
    Gotta go.. catch you tomorrow 🙂

  8. Getting Prepared

    February 22, 2005 by eshan_admin

    Back in the good ol’ studio… I only have a few hours though because there are a couple of other ‘normal’ things I have to take care of today… so far I have been preparing tracks and relevant software for the coming sessions this week… I found that it was a lot more conducive to my workflow to get a whole bunch of tracks ready at once rather doing it before I recorded each individual track (if that makes sense lol!). Anyway I prepared tracks for the following styles:
    Funk Metal
    … I think those sessions will be a lot of fun… I can let out all that pent up tension on my (poor) drums 🙂
    Time to get back to work

  9. Monday morning feeling

    February 21, 2005 by eshan_admin

    Back in the studio as usual but it was a bit of a trial getting motivated again for another weeks worth of recording… I did manage to record another 15 tracks which lifted my spirits again 🙂 I went into Aachen early this morning as well to get the alleged new drumskin! The man in the shop didn’t really seem to have a clue so it was a good job I knew what I was looking for!

    I actually ended up buying a couple of drum skins for the other toms as well… after putting them on I am still not sure if I like the sound of them as much as the other drumheads… Time will tell I am sure.
    My style for today was experimental sample-based music. It was fun as usual but I have to admit it would be nice to have an assistant to save me runnung in and out of the control room between every take lol!
    Anyway as usual I am now backing up the session in order to start anew tomorrow… still not sure what style I am going to do… I guess I will decide that when I get here… peace for now 🙂
    xo xo xo

  10. Busted Drum Skin

    February 20, 2005 by eshan_admin

    Yesterday whilst praciticing I managed to whack a big whole into my high tom… I didn’t even feel like I was hitting it all that hard… but it was a pretty old one. So I am off into Aachen first thing tomorrow morning to pick up a whole new set of skins in order to continue my sessions… I had the day off today and feel so much better for it I have to say… It’ll be nice to go into the studio with a clear and rested head tomorrow morning… xo