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December, 2005

  1. End of tour

    December 13, 2005 by eshan_admin

    That’s it… yet another tour is over and done with. David and I caught the train back into Germany from Paris Nord whilst the rest of the Psapplings drove on back to London… now it’s time to relax and try to get into the christmas mood…

    Andy & La Cigale promoter
    Paris Nord train station

    David & Eshan on their way back to Germany

  2. La Cigale – Paris, France

    December 12, 2005 by eshan_admin

    I think we were all very happy to get out of that creepy hotel this morning… none of us slept well! But that made the contrast of going to Paris to support Nils Peter Molvaer all the greater. La Cigale has to be one of the coolest venues I have ever played in. This was our final show for this tour and it was probably the best so far too… the crowd were great and we just gave it our all. After the show we enjoyed the party that was put on and then proceeded to go back and party at the hotel – all of us minus Galia that is… I guess she was there in spirit though lol!

    Breakfast at the Formula One

    Crash on the way to Paris

    La Cigale, Paris
    Nils Petter Molvaer

    Reserved seats


    David mixing

    Queue to get into show

    Galia and Gwen selling merchandise after show

    Fan who just bought cat bag

    Eshan with stage manager, La Cigale

    Nils Petter Molvaer show

    Andy pimping Gal & Gwen

  3. Paradiso – Amsterdam, Holland

    December 11, 2005 by eshan_admin

    After a good nights sleep in my own bed, I made breakfast. As of yesterday a mean flu-bug has been making the rounds and people aren’t looking too good! But, as the show must go on, we got back in our bus, said goodbye to Roetgen and made our way to Amsterdam to play at the Paradiso to support Annie. Amsterdam looked beautiful – just a shame we never had any time to check it out… I will have to come back at a later date I guess. Anyhow the show went very well for us – unfortunately we found out that the FOH sound was terrible during our show – due to technical reasons. Oh well, I guess you win some & you lose some! As soon as Annie was done with her show we packed up our gear and made our way down the motorway to get some of the travel to Paris over and done with… only to end up at the Holy Grail of all horrible motels: The Formula One… need I say more?!?!

    Galia checking out my drums in the basement

    Saying good bye to Judy and Tony

    A quick thank you to Gero and the rest of ULAX for letting us use their rehearsal room

    Andy and Eshan navigating down the motorway to Amsterdam

    Gwen making cats
    Cat litter

    Jim & Eshan in Amsterdam

    Galia & Andy hanging out backstage, Paradiso
    Grabbing a quick bite to eat at Wagamamas


    Andy playing with new spider toy

    Wagamama next to The Paradiso

    Poster of Paradiso show


    Current collection of Hot Rods – or what is left of them!

    Annie during soundcheck

    My snare


    My kit getting miked up

    Galia discussing mic’s with Paradiso soundchick

    Eshan hanging with official ‘Coolest Monitor Soundchick’ of this tour

    Paradiso merchandise stand

    Just before show

    Jim hanging out with friend after show

    Gwen and Galia after show

    Galia and Eshan after show

    All packed up and ready to GOOooooo……

    Formula Vibe

  4. Hometown show – Rollesbroich, Germany

    December 10, 2005 by eshan_admin

    Through a weird string of incidents our show in Dortmund that was planned for today was cancelled and I organized a show a few villages away from where I live in Rollesbroich. This place is way out in the middle of nowhere and we played a show in my friend Geros dads wood factory… not the typical place for a gig – but very Psapp! After setting up the gear we went to eat at my favorite Trattoria Pizzeria “La Rustica” with Judith, who had helped organize everything. From there we stopped back at my place for a short while before going back to Rollesbroich to do our shows for my friends and family. It was a great experience for all involved I think… I know I had a blast! We then preceded to have a little aftershow gathering back at our house.

    Andy driving to Rollesbroich

    Having a fresh cuppa coffee at my place

    Drinks for show tonight

    Getting setup in Rollesbroich – Psapp kit meets Schuffis kit!
    Eating at Pizzeria Rustica… the best pizza EVER!
    First friends turn up for the show: Stefan, Erich & Joe

    Rollesbroich Show

    My mother and sister Heidi

    Carim playing his guitar

    Andy talking to Mirko after show

    Making cats at aftershow party at my house
    Psapp hanging out with Eshan & Judys friends

    Andy & Eshan

    German cat tower

    Party’s over

  5. Schick & Schoen – Mainz, Germany

    December 9, 2005 by eshan_admin

    On our way to Mainz this morning we drove past Aachen, which is the next closest city to where I live. I was that sad that even the ugly power station in Eschweiler made me homesick LOL! Just outside of Dueren the power in our tourbus suddenly went and Andy had to pull over onto the side of the motorway… we had no idea what could have caused it apart from the battery being dead… turns out I kicked loose a lead with my feet that cut the power – am I bad?! When we started to play our show at Schick & Schoen in the evening the place was literally empty – apart from our manager Andy and soundvibe. But we still had a blast and cheered ourselves on. Half way through the set the place started filling up with people and the little audience that was there loved the show and made us feel appreciated which was lovely!

    Eschweiler power station -some site for sore eyes!

    Van breaks down outside Dueren… wonder why?!

    Backstage at Schick & Schoen

    Carim and Eshan backstage, Schick & Schoen
    Eating at arabic restaurant, Mainz

    David taking pictures of Galia

    Onstage, Schick & Schoen

  6. Vooruit – Gent, Belgium

    December 8, 2005 by eshan_admin

    After hardly any sleep at all we packed up the tourbus and made our way down to Dover. Then it was a greasy breakfast followed by a sleep on the ferry. We drove from Calais to Gent and checked into the hotel. I had to have a couple of hours sleep again before going to set up the equiptment. The venue, Vooruit, was absolutely unbelievable! And as usual, the difference of hospitality between England and the rest of Europe was like night & day… how nice it was to be treated with some kind of decency again… a welcome change for us all! The event we played at was called the Indie Music Festival, with bands playing in four different parts of the building. Just before we went on, the place was packed with a great audience, all cheering the main act. For some strange reason we went on after the headline band, so the place emptied out again soon after they finished, which was understandable… but we were very grateful for the remaining crowd who stayed to watch our set!

    Early morning Dover

    Carim & David trying to wake up

    David, Jim & Eshan outside hotel, Gent

    Indie Music Festival poster

    Vooruit during souncheck
    Filling our bellies before the show

    Headline audience

  7. Day Off – Family & Friends

    December 7, 2005 by eshan_admin

    My last day off for this tour, so I decided to spend my time wisely and visits some family and friends. First stop was my Dads house to visit my sister Shereen and my new little gorgeous niece, Aaliyah… she is just the cutest thing ever! After that I stopped my friend Shri’s house. We hadn’t seen each other in quite a while so there was a lot of catching up to there… from there I went up to see Bluey at his studio where he was finishing off some work with his partner, Simon Cotsworth. Once that was done we met up with his wife and daughter and went to eat at an amazing indian restaurant in Stoke Newington called Rasa… if you ever happen to be around this area, it is a MUST!

    My niece, Aaliyah

    Hanging out with Shri

    Saying Hi to Simon Cotsworth at The Blue Room Studios

    Hanging out with Bluey and family

  8. Day Off – British Museum & Covent Garden

    December 6, 2005 by eshan_admin

    Today was the first of my two days off so I decided to take myself off to the British Museum – one of my favorite hangouts on a day off in London! After that I took myself off around town and walked down to Covent Garden and just enjoyed wandering somewhat aimlessly…

    Napoleons Deathmask

  9. The Spitz – London

    December 5, 2005 by eshan_admin

    Today was the final show of our British tour and it was at The Spitz. I like this venue a lot not only because of its interior but also its location right at Spitalfields Market. After setting up our equiptment and soundchecking we took ourselves off down to Brick Lane and ate some amazing indian food at a restaurant that Guy had recommended. After that we did our show and hung out with friends and family afterwards… nice end to this leg of the tour :oP

    The Spitz, London

    Eshans drums

    Galia prepares to sell merchandise – go girl!

    David getting familiar with the soundvibes
    Galias handmade sign for our show

    Hanging out with friends after the show

    Andy setting alarm before getting a few hours sleep

  10. Luminaire – London

    December 4, 2005 by eshan_admin

    I think after last nights show we were all happy to back in London again. We played at The Luminaire in Kilburn tonight. What a cool venue. Lots of people came to the show and all of the bands that played were great.

    The Luminaire – Kilburn

    Andy setting up merchandise

    Psapp merchandise

    Price List

    David & Carim checking out FOH mixing desk

    Carim and Eshan

    Stage times

    Galia and new found friend PussPuss of Pictish Trail