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January, 2006

  1. Ten Great Drumming Tracks

    January 12, 2006 by eshan_admin

    I have been meaning to do this for a while now, and finally have managed to find the time to do it. Here are 10 tracks that all have made a substantial impact on my perception of what a drummer can to in a piece of music. If you are a drummer (or just love good drumming) and are in need of some inspiration, I highly recommend you go out and buy these tracks!

    1. “The Grudge” – Lateralus by Tool
      Drummer: Danny Carey
    2. “Let The Juice Loose” – Let The Juice Loose by Bill Evans
      Drummer: Dennis Chambers
    3. “Part 2” – Three Quartets by Chick Corea
      Drummer: Steve Gadd
    4. “Five-Five-Five” – Shut Up ‘N Play Your Guitar by Frank Zappa
      Drummer: Vinnie Colaiuta
    5. “Eternity’s Breath Part 1” – Visions Of The Emerald Beyond by Mahavishnu Orchestra
      Drummer: Narada Michael Walden
    6. “Four” – Four & More by Miles Davis
      Drummer: Tony Williams
    7. “Eleven” – Sailing The Seas Of Cheese by Primus
      Drummer: Tim ‘Herb’ Alexander
    8. “Sexy M.F.” – Symbol by Prince & The New Power Generation
      Drummer: Michael Bland
    9. “No One Knows” – Songs For The Deaf by Queens Of The Stone Age
      Drummer: Dave Grohl
    10. “Funky Monks” – Blood Sugar Sex Magick by Red Hot Chili Peppers
      Drummer: Chad Smith

    Right, gotta get back to work… enjoy!

  2. Steve Gadd

    January 11, 2006 by eshan_admin

    Just stumbled across this great little video of Steve Gadd… one of my heroes and without a doubt one of the greatest living legends in modern drumming… check it out!

  3. Here we go again

    January 9, 2006 by eshan_admin

    Hi everyone,

    Hope the holidays treated everyone well.. I know I had a nice and relaxing time! Anyway, just wanted to note that is back up to date again… I know, I know it took a while but I was just so into the holiday spirit that I kinda forgot… am I bad ?!