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June, 2006

  1. Magic Stick – Detroit

    June 25, 2006 by eshan_admin

    We got to Detroit around midday today…. Gwen and I took a walk down the road to see if there were any decent restaurants but decided to go to the one right by the venue that we walked past at the beginning… had a really nice breakfast there… scrambled eggs with chorizo, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and flour tortillas.. hit that spot nicely… once we were done eating we went back and loaded in all the gear… the Magic Stick is a mad venue with billiards and bowling… and two restaurants! The people that worked there were so nice and helpful… making sure all our needs were taken care of… there weren’t too many people at the show tonight – I would say it was about a quarter full but the crowd were awesome and we just all had a laugh and made the best of it… we were actually told by the manager of the venue that Detroit crowds make a lot of noise throughout the show and that if they even clap just minimally, that means they REALLY like it… so going by that the crowd must have loved us! Juana and Jose did great shows as usual… I was in the front row for all of Juanas set and saw most of Joses show from backstage… they are both so inspiring… I really feel honored to be on this tour with them… after the show I had a shower and then ate some GREAT pizza from the restaurant downstairs…. then to top it all of I got a call from Judy on Carims mobile…. we hadn’t spoken since I left a few weeks ago so it was so great to hear her voice… I do miss her :o/

  2. Not so good news….

    June 24, 2006 by eshan_admin

    Just after I got back from the hotel to load the gear onto the tourbus I found out that Galia had just had an accident…. closed her finger in the door and wounded herself pretty badly…. looks like she may not be able to play her violin for the rest of the tour :o/

    Ok.. this is a posed picture but still have pity on her…. she deserves it, right?!

  3. The Hothouse – Chicago

    June 24, 2006 by eshan_admin

    When I woke up this morning everyone was already up and had loaded in the gear… not sure why no one woke me up… weird … anyway we all went to grab a bite to eat and then Gal, Juana and I just went for a little walk around town and got up to our usual mischief… and it was SO much fun…. afterwards I went back to the hotel and spent a few hours online updating my blog… as usual I had weird problems with my connection timing out and I had to keep uploading my pictures over and over…. oh well, better than not getting anything done I guess… around 6pm we all went over to the venue and set up our stuff while Juana soundchecked. We were all starving by the time we were done so Gal and a few others popped out and got some pizza for us to eat… I haven’t enjoyed pizza that much in a long time… the show was kind of weird for me to be honest… felt like I was standing beside myself for the entire show… it was unsatisfying to say the least… it was due to lots of different factors together… oh well, you win some you lose some… what can you do ?!

  4. Psapp in Minneapolis

    June 23, 2006 by eshan_admin

    We got into Minneapolis really early and drove straight over to St Paul to do a radio session for Minnesota Public Radio. Apparently there was a bit of a misunderstanding…. we were told it was a full band session and they thought it was an acoustic session (which only involves Gal, Carim and myself)…. so when we got there we were booked into a small studio and it was all a little cramped… they wanted us to do the session straight away but I was famished and there was no way I could do this session on an empty stomach so they sent someone out to get some bagels for all of us… after that we were ready to roll… we played ‘Tricycle’, ‘The Words’ and ‘Hi’ … we were still a little tired from the long drive and I think we have all performed better but you can’t expect too much considering the circumstances… when we were done we drove back to the venue whilst Juana and Jose stayed at the station to do their session… on first sight I wasn’t too sure about this venue judging it from the outside… but luckily I was too be wrong… the place had a bit of a youth club feel and is run mostly by volunteers… everyone was really laid back and nice which always makes such a difference… once we loaded in we had about three hours to kill so a few of us went down the road to this sweet little coffee shop that had free wireless and was also showing the football match between France and Togo… I couldn’t have cared less about the football but it was a heaven send to have so much access to the internet and start updating my blog again… my connection kept timing out about 50% of the time which meant I had to upload a lot of the pictures more than once which did become pretty frustrating to say the least…. but I still left the place a happy man considering I got so much done… the show was sold out which was cool… we all had a great time… sound wasn’t the best in the world but the audiences reaction to our set well made up for that…. Juana did a great set as usual but her special highlight was when she started doing impressions of how English music sounds to her… soooooo funny… and Jose had the crowd in the palm of his hand as ever…. after the show we hung out with some of the people that worked there and they all made us feel very welcome and appreciated…. so I am sure we will be back to play there at some time in the future! Once we were loaded up and ready to go Jose had a special treat for us… R Kellys 45 minute long music video – which had us all cracking up within minutes of putting it on…. … … off to Chicago now……..

  5. Nice little review of Bimbos show

    June 22, 2006 by eshan_admin

    Click here to check it out …

  6. Great picture from San Fransisco show

    June 22, 2006 by eshan_admin

    Check out this great picture from the Non Dairy Diary…. love it!

  7. Travel Day number deux

    June 22, 2006 by eshan_admin

    Today was a LONG day on the bus… you can tell that the ‘coolness’ of the tourbus is starting to wear off very quickly now… especially as lots of things aren’t working as they should be… the electric door to the toilet broke… the air-conditioning went down for a while… the fridge is beginning to smell and the TV/sound system plays up every now and again… but I am sure it could be worse :oP
    Today was by far the day of the pusspuss… Galia, Juana and Gwen were making them all day… and to top it off they have started making an epic story of how they all relate to each other… we even had a photo-shoot during one of the breaks in North Dakota… I am telling you, they take this pretty serious! In the evening we stopped off at a ‘Cracker Barrel’ to get some food… I wasn’t even hungry because I had been eating dried fruit all day – courtesy of Joses performance at Amoeba in Los Angeles – but I had a soup just so I could at least feel like I had eaten something proper today… my highlight of the day was that the shop in the Cracker Barrel had a set of juggling balls… I have been wanting a set since I saw those jugglers at Spitalfield Market a few weeks ago… so I spent the next 30 minutes juggling just to burn off some calories… gotta do something to get some exercise!

  8. Travel Day

    June 21, 2006 by eshan_admin

    Today was the first of our two day journey to Minneapolis… Apart from having the worst Tuna Melt I have ever had in my life, it was a pretty uneventful day… probably not such a bad thing… here are some pix nonetheless…

  9. Richards on Richards – Vancouver

    June 20, 2006 by eshan_admin

    We left Seattle at about 6am this morning. At about midday we reached the Canadian border… was a bit nerve wrecking especially because one of the officers started taking this one guy apart who was trying to get across the border… eventually he was denied – I kinda felt sorry for him but his whole story was such an obvious lie that it was no real surprise that he wasn’t let in… It was a breeze for us though for some unknown reason… I was expecting them to take the tour bus apart and question all of us but that wasn’t the case… within about 30 mins we were on our way to Vancouver again. We got there a little bit before load in so we went off for some food… A few of us had some really nice Thai food just down the road from the venue… was so nice to have a proper warm meal! When we got back to the venue and set up I had some time to kill so I finally started to organize my tour photos which have been piling up since I left home… there are probably about 1000 I have already taken which needed filing but I actually quite enjoy that bit… at least it gives me something to do whilst sitting around waiting to soundcheck! Once we were done done Soundvibe, Carim and I went for some sushi down the road… we found this really nice little place that served good food at a great price…. but as we all know everything comes at its price… the price for Carim was that waitress spilled green tea all over his crotch… nice :oP
    Again the venue was really was packed kind of surprised me because it is a Tuesday night and I expected the venue to be empty… our show was cool… my Elvis wig is starting to look really crap so I decided to reverse it… Gal said I looked like an 80’s Italian football player… not sure if that was a compliment or not… Juanas show went well to I think even there were some technichal problems to start with… her pedals were set up the wrong way which was a little confusing…. and the audience were really loud which was kind of off putting so she ended up cutting her set a little short… I squeezed my way to the front row and loved every minute of it… sooooo inspiring! After Juana was done I went backstage to get some more water as I was dehydrating by this point… when it was tome for Jose to go on I decided to watch his show from the side… literally as Jose started playing his first song I turned and knocked a full glass of windowcleaner all across the stage – all over some electrical sockets too… I thought Johan, Joses tourmanager was going to kill me :o/ but after he cleared it up I think he was ok…. Jose did an unbelievable set as well… it amazes me how he can just hold the entire audience in the palm of his hand just with his guitar and his voice… at the end of his set he called us all up on stage and we performed ‘Happy Birthday to You’ for our tourmanager Deb… it was really sweet… after the show we all went back on the bus had a little party for her…. it was so lovely night tonight… everyone on this tour is just so cool and sometimes I can’t help but feel this is all part of something bigger than all of us together…

  10. Neumos, Seattle

    June 19, 2006 by eshan_admin

    Once we got to Neumos there was quite a bit of time to kill before soundchecking… Jose had just about set up for soundcheck and Juana was next so I went down to the backstage area and tried to get online to send some emails and upload some new posts on my blog… but for some reason my connection wasn’t working very well and kept cutting out… must have been all of the damage Andy Ross did to MY mac :oP Soundcheck went okay but no matter how much we tweaked our monitors the sound was kinda strange… I think it was down to the room… what can you do?! After we were done I still had a few hours to kill so I just took a walk around the local area and grabbed some more mexican food before coming back for the show… when it came time to go on stage the room was almost full… tonight we had another special appearance of our side project ‘Animal Damage‘… during the breakdown in Curuncula, Jose and Juana cam on stage and performed on the birds we bought a few days ago… truly inspiring performance I have to say… the crowd loved it… I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Animal Damage’ outsells all of our albums put together and then some… it is just so on the pulse of the next generation… (you can quote me on that if you like)… even though my sound was pretty bad, the feedback after the show was really good… Juana even went as far as saying that it was our best performance so far this tour… I think she was just being nice :oP Anyhow, most of us went up and checked out both Juanas and Joses performance and they were both just absolutely amazing… and the best thing was that Gwen, Gal and I had a cameo dance moment during Juanas set… we got to be the idiots we always are whilst Juana played some crazy Argentinean traditional music… pretty out there I agree and so would most of the audience I am sure… after the show we all hung out and had a laugh… as I write this it is 3:20am and I face the prospect of having to get up in a few hours when we reach the Canadian border… which none of us are looking forward to… see what pains we endure for our Canadian fans?!?!? Oh yeah, after 12:00 it was our tour manager Deb’s birthday…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEB’S!!!!