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May 5, 2005 by eshan_admin

Is it just me or is time still just flying like crazy?! It just seems like yesterday that I was shovelling snow in the driveway…
Well, I have now moved on from the practice pad back to a proper kit… I have a broken down kit setup in the basement now and it is a cause for celebration… the last time I had a kit to practice on at home is 6 years ago! Not only that but I now also have an electronic drumkit at home too thanks to my good friend Jürgen Wirtz. I was talking to him about my sample CD the other day and he suggested borrowing his e-kit in order to actually play in the beats rather than program them with a mouse… so things couldn’t be better :o)
Due to the new approach to my sample CD I have had to rethink the concept… so the past week has mostly been utilized brainstorming the overall concept and what my new goals will be… The challenge at the moment is to boil all of the ideas flying around in my head down to the pure essence… once I have achieved that it will be time to go into full production 🙂
I also spoke to Gemma Hayes a few days ago and she is in the middle of mixing her newly recorded album with Nigel Godrich… and I have heard it is amazing…. so good luck to you Gemma!
One last thing I would like to do is list a few links to websites I have stumbled across that could be of use:
…. check out their amazing library of interviews and articles!
…lots of interesting digital media related stuff here 🙂

Check in later, eshan