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Jon Hassell

Jon Hassell (born March 22, 1937[1]) is an American trumpet player and composer. He is known for his influence in the world music scene and his unusual electronic manipulation of the trumpet sound. …

Hassell coined the term “Fourth World” to describe his musical style, as expressed both in his trumpet playing and in his approach to composition. This musical conception combines the philosophy and techniques of minimalism with Asian and African styles, and relies heavily on the use of electronic instruments. Critics of Hassell’s style have noted its incorporation of New Age and world music styles, but have also detected the influence of Miles Davis, particularly Davis’ use of electronics, modal harmony and understated lyricism.[3] Both on record and during live performances, Hassell makes use of traditional western instruments—keyboards, bass, electric guitar, and percussion—to create modal, hypnotic grooves, over which he plays microtonally-inflected trumpet phrases in the style of Nath’s Kiranic vocals.[4] Source

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