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Charlie Clouser – Testimonial

Credits: Nine Inch Nails; Rob Zombie; Helmet


“When it fell upon me to help locate and audition drummers for Nine Inch Nails, I immediately thought of Eshan. He was contacted and sent in a submission that included some of his original music, which I thought was extremely innovative, both from a musical standpoint and from a sound design and programming standpoint. We were so impressed by his submission that we had him audition for us in June 1999. Eshan was one of over 20 drummers who came to our studios in New Orleans to audition; he knew all of our previous material and was well versed with the musical and technical issues involved in playing our songs. More importantly, he proved to be extremely talented, adept with the technology involved, and enjoyable to work with. Even in a stressful and potentially uncomfortable environment he brought a fresh approach to some of our songs that shed light on new material, and inspired us with his power, timing, and feel. His playing and personality stood head and shoulders above the other drummers we auditioned, all of whom were recording/touring professionals from the U.S., and it was obvious from the start that Eshan would be a serious contender for the position. Although we wound up choosing another drummer with whom we had worked in the past, Eshan was our first alternate choice and the race was very, very close.”



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