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Sat Bisla – Testimonial

Credits: A&R Worldwide – Founder


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Eshan for the past couple of years on both a professional and personal level. My first contact came with Eshan as a music journalist for The Album Network (a music industry trade publication for the US radio and record industry). I had heard his music on an album he had recorded with his band mates under the guise of Acacia. I was very intrigued by the unique and talented sound of Acacia and wrote about their music in my column. Record labels responded to my write-up including one of the USA’s most influential record labels, Interscope Records. Eshan flew to the US with the band to demonstrate their onstage performance. The band was amazing live, however Eshan stole the show with his flawless musicianship. Since then, many in the music industry have referred to Eshan as one of the most talented drummers and musicians around. His talent is unparalleled. Talent such as his comes through very rarely. In addition to Eshans great musical abilities, he is also a true gentleman.”


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