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Tony Kanal – Testimonial

Credits: No Doubt


“I first witnessed Eshan Khadaroo perform in 1998 when I went to see the seminal new wave band Bow Wow Wow do their first reunion tour in many years. I was familiar with the original Bow Wow Wow recordings, and along with many other admirers of good musicianship, the drumming on those albums was always top notch, original and upbeat. As it was known that the original drummer was not touring with the band this time around, it was obvious that whoever would be taking over for him would have to be a serious player, capable of handling a physically demanding set of songs. Eshan played those parts admirably, and it was apparent to everyone present that he was very capable and a professional drummer of the highest order. His innovative style of playing, combining originality with training, is rare in the genre of American Alternative Music. I have maintained a close relationship with Eshan since he returned to England after that tour, and in that time he has sent me his recorded music that continues to amaze and inspire me.”



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