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And the beat goes on……..

May 18, 2005 by eshan_admin

Still working away at my sample CD. Now that the initial concept has become a little more solid it is time to get to the practical side of things. At the moment I am recording various ideas to see how the theoretical concept translates to practice. The great thing is that my friend J├╝rgen Wirtz has lent me his e-drumkit so that I can actually play all of the parts instead of programming them all with my mouse… apart from being a lot more efficient, I also get to think like a drummer again instead of as a programmer…So far all is going well and I am pleased with the results. Even though the idea of this sample CD is pretty simple, there are still so many aspects that need to be considered in a project like this. I am also looking into the whole e-commerce side of things as I plan to sell this CD on my official website – so if you know about shopping-cart systems and online credit card transactions I would be greatful to hear from you!

My new home setup….