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Back to the drawing board…

February 16, 2005 by eshan_admin

After spending the past week in the studio experimenting with all of the possibilities such an environment presents, I have decided to spend today at home with just pen and paper, mapping out how to best use the remaining two and a half weeks of studio-time available to me. I have come up with a recording schedule where I will hopefully record roughly ten tracks per session – each session will cover one particular style of music. In total I have twelve styles of music that I wish to cover… so as you can see, that pretty much has the next two weeks covered… especially when you consider that there will more than likely be a few hiccups along the way. But if all goes according to plan I will have enough raw audio to create multiple sample CD’s with different themes… a very worthwhile investment!
Something else I would like to mention is that my blog has now been added to a very cool site called Band Weblogs which is a worldwide directory of band and music weblogs – very worthwhile checking out if you are into musician blogs. A big thanks to Jenny May for the kind emails 🙂

Stay tuned… xo