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Beatkitchen – Videocast: 03 Single Strokes

September 27, 2006 by eshan_admin

Todays edition of the beatkitchen podcast deals with the most basic drumming pattern: single strokes.

These are the symbols introduced in this videocast that will be representing the right and left hand from now on.

Here is the single stroke pattern… starting with the right hand (1) and also with the left hand (2). As mentioned in the videocast we will be playing the exercises along to a preprogrammed click track…. it is a basic metronomic pattern but with a little twist… normally there would be quarter notes playing throughout the exercise…. but I have found that even though this improves timing, it isn’t necessarily the best method, as you can come to rely upon the quarter note click… and then when it isn’t there, there is nothing left to ‘guide’ you…. so I have developed various click patterns to help overcome this reliance…. the particular click pattern we will be using for the time being is a four-bar pattern… for the first 3 bars there is a quarter note on every beat (as with a typical metronome pattern) and then in the fourth bar there is only one quarter note on beat 1 followed by 3 beats of silence…. trust me, it sounds a lot more complicated than it really is…. click here to download the 5 1/2 minute 60bpm click pattern…. beginners should play eighths…. intermediate players 16ths…. and advanced players 32nd notes…. it is important to make sure the volume of both hands is equal and the spacing between each hit is also equal… now get practicing!!!