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Bier Keller – Manchester

December 2, 2005 by eshan_admin

After a nice short drive down to Manchester we got to the Bier Keller and set up our equiptment. Tonights bands were a lot more compatible with our music which was a pleasant surprise. The show went very well but the next surprise was just around the corner… our tourbus was broken into whilst we were performing and the radio was stolen – I didn’t even realize people still did that nowadays – what is a car stereo going to be worth… oh well, the joys of touring…

Bier Keller, Manchester

Line Up

Jim & Galia during soundcheck


Andy speaking to promoter

David doing what he does…

Galia and Carim checking their monitors

The Children

Our new friend Liam

The break-in

Jim and Guy

Remains of the radio