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Black Cat – Washington DC

June 30, 2006 by eshan_admin

The show tonight at the Black Cat was absolutely PACKED… was a weird one though… the crowd were sooooooo loud… didn’t matter too much for us but I went out to see some of Juanas set and decided to watch it from the side of the stage because I could hardly hear her (decently) out front… each city has its own vibe when it comes to this I guess… I just find it unpleasant for the performer…. and to top it off the monitor guy couldn’t have been less motivated… even though my monitors were alright I know some of the other members in Psapp had a hard time – especially Gwen…. and Juanas monitors were so bad that she had to cut some of her songs short because she couldn’t hear the loops… I know the feeling all too well…. playing to loops you can barely hear whilst standing in front of an audience who are watching your every move is nothing less than awful…. Jose told me that is wasn’t too bad for him but the crowd were still very loud…. we also had some weird vibes with a few of the people who worked there… maybe they were just having a bad day, who knows… but it just kinda took the magic out of the day….