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Bowery Ballroom – New York City

June 29, 2006 by eshan_admin

First thing I did when I woke up this morning in Manhattan was take a walk up to Houston to Yoshi Sushi for lunch… I had been looking forward to this for days as this is my favorite sushi bar in New York (so far)… I had the ‘super chef deluxe’ and it was everything I expected it to be 😀
I still had some time to kill before load-in so I just took a nice ‘n easy walk back down through the lower east side… there are some cool stores there…. when we got into the venue it was absolutely roasting… and it took about an hour before someone came who had the authority to switch on the air-conditioning… we were all dripping by the time we had set up our gear so most of us just went back onto the bus to cool off thanks to the AC in there…. just as we went out though there was a massive thunderstorm that continued for quite some time… apparently this is quite a strange occurrence for NYC… that information didn’t make it any more exciting at the time I have to say :oP
Even though the show was sold out there weren’t too many people there when we got on stage… and I would say 30% of the audience were record company or related… but we still had a laugh… and the monitors were really loud which I love! After we were done I checked out Juanas set which sounded amazing and Juana really went for it tonight… I love her show… but it was a hard crowd… they just kinda stood there and stared at us all as if we were some strange species at the zoo… I guess some of them were just too cool to show that they were into it… but that is to be expected in a major city like this… all the people that worked there were really cool… especially the sound chicks & dudes and Cameron the mad security guy…. look forward to seeing them all again on Monday!