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Bowery Ballroom – NYC

July 3, 2006 by eshan_admin

When I got up this morning I took myself over to Brooklyn to meet up with Steve at Domino… but no-one was there when I arrived… I think everyone was off for the holiday weekend… didn’t matter though… I just went to the park right by the river and enjoyed the view… it was beautiful… I popped back up to the offices on my way back to see if someone was there but still no luck… the good thing though was that I found a nice little cafe with wireless internet around the corner from the subway… so I spent the next few hours there updating my blog… got all the way up to Philadelphia which was a result! Then I rushed back over to Manhattan to get to the hotel for load in… even though the venue was just around the corner we still had to get a cab to take all the gear… once we loaded in and soundchecked I popped off for a quick little walk around Chinatown which is right by the Bowery Ballroom… when I got back, there already seemed to be a lot more people there than last weeks show… our show was great… I think we all just went for it as it was the last show of the tour as a triple bill… the crowd were great… Juana did a great show as well and Jose… the best part was when Jose did his encore & we all went out in silly outfits and sang “… to lean on” … a great finale for this tour… after the show we all went to a club called the Darkroom for a nice little after-show get together… still can’t actually believe this was the last show somehow… … …