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Dougs Firs, Portland

June 18, 2006 by eshan_admin

Had a big long sleep this morning… ended up getting up at 1:30pm… must have needed it… when I did get up though, Gal, Jim, Gordon and Gwen had just finished writing the first single for our new side project ‘Animal Damage‘ called ‘ Common Lune’ which involves torturing toy animals, recording their squeals and processing it with software known as Supercollider… once the video is shot maybe I will post it on here so check back for that later… we didn’t get into Portland until time for soundcheck which kinda sucked because I really wanted to check out this amazing bookstore called Powells… oh well, I guess thats life :o/
On a positive vibe though, we had wireless internet backstage at the venue (Dougs Firs) so within minutes of arriving we all had our laptops out and ready to go… I finally got around to updating my blog which was a relief… things were kind of piling up on my hard-drive…
Our show was pretty good… we have done better but we have defintley done worse so I guess there is no reason to complain… the audience seemed to dig it anyway so it’s all good… After the show Juana, her friends and I grabbed another bite to eat and just hung out for a while… I am back on the bus right now and we will be off to Seattle in a few hours….