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El Rey Theatre – Los Angeles

June 16, 2006 by eshan_admin

I got a cab down from Kayden Creations to the El Rey Theatre… was kind of worried it was going to cost me more than the actual tattoo but thankfully it was reasonable… $20! When I got there it was no real surprise that nothing was ready… so I popped popped down the road to Baja Fresh for my last mexican food in LA… it was like going down memory lane because I used to eat there all the time when I lived here… anyways, on the way back to the venue I past a wig shop called ‘His & Her Hair‘ and just couldn’t resist buying an Elvis wig for our show – good call… I have now become the rockstar I have always wanted to be :oP
Soundcheck was good… I got to see Juana for the first time and was blown away… the stuff she was doing on her own on stage was better than most bands can do together… after we set up and started soundchecking it turned out that the monitor engineer was a bit of an idiot… either that or he was just having a bad day… nonetheless he was not very nice and made soundcheck pretty unpleasant which was a shame… once we were done I went out front to see if any of my friends were there… Just as I stepped outside I saw how my friends Mike and Sue had just been turned away even though they were on the list… might help to put people on the desk who can read (only kidding…. or am I?)…. but the turnout was great… I am sure the three KCRW shows previous to tonights gig contributed…. through a strange coincidence all three bands on the bill played on Nic Harcourts ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’ on the three days leading up to tonights show… We had a blast playing for everybody even though we all almost died from the serious heat on stage… my new wig didn’t help in that department much either and my sunglasses kept steaming up … the things one does for ones audience :OP
After the show I hung out with the DiMattias and my friends Yossi and and Einat… was so glad they all could make it to the show… funny how I hadn’t seen them in 5 years and now I have seen them all twice in the past few months… again, I ain’t complaining! We checked out Juanas and Joses shows which were both so good… and the crowd was really into too which created this lovely atmosphere… Once everybody was cleared out of the venue, we took down the gear and got ready to load it on to the bus… but of course that would have been too easy… turned out that there was about enough storage space for a goblins rucksack! In the end we had to load up the back lounge with our personal belongings… tomorrow we will hopefully be getting a trailer for the rest of the stuff….