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July 12, 2005 by eshan_admin

Time just seems to be flyyyyyyyyyyyying again… hard to imagine I used to blog everyday lol!
Anyway, just my usual quick update. As mentioned before there are a few things bubbling away here at beatkitchen… At last I can give some insight into what these things are:
Manfred Tari of Pop 100 and I will be working together on a project. I can’t be very specific as to what that project is at the moment for obvious reasons… this much said: it will be an online venture.
Apart from that, British band ‘Psapp’ have expressed interest in working with me on their live set. I am looking forward to seeing if some kind of collaboration will take place as their music is truly beautiful… to see what I mean check it out their new music video.

Due to the current events, my book and sample CD projects have been put on hold – which I don’t really mind… all the more inspiration after taking some time out 🙂

Till later,