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Hometown show – Rollesbroich, Germany

December 10, 2005 by eshan_admin

Through a weird string of incidents our show in Dortmund that was planned for today was cancelled and I organized a show a few villages away from where I live in Rollesbroich. This place is way out in the middle of nowhere and we played a show in my friend Geros dads wood factory… not the typical place for a gig – but very Psapp! After setting up the gear we went to eat at my favorite Trattoria Pizzeria “La Rustica” with Judith, who had helped organize everything. From there we stopped back at my place for a short while before going back to Rollesbroich to do our shows for my friends and family. It was a great experience for all involved I think… I know I had a blast! We then preceded to have a little aftershow gathering back at our house.

Andy driving to Rollesbroich

Having a fresh cuppa coffee at my place

Drinks for show tonight

Getting setup in Rollesbroich – Psapp kit meets Schuffis kit!
Eating at Pizzeria Rustica… the best pizza EVER!
First friends turn up for the show: Stefan, Erich & Joe

Rollesbroich Show

My mother and sister Heidi

Carim playing his guitar

Andy talking to Mirko after show

Making cats at aftershow party at my house
Psapp hanging out with Eshan & Judys friends

Andy & Eshan

German cat tower

Party’s over