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KXLU – Los Angeles

June 15, 2006 by eshan_admin

Once we had taken down all the equipment the rest of the band went back to the hotel… Carim, Gal and I had one last acoustic session to do over at KXLU – a university radio station situated down by LAX…. We started listening to the station as we were driving there… our manager Andy is a big fan so it went without saying that he had us listen to the show…. their music selection was so refreshing and cool which made the fact that we were about to do the show there all the more exciting… again once we got there we were greeted by a great team of people who just wanted us to have a good time at their station… which we did – as usual this involved an active search for freebies on our behalf! After setting up all the equipment again we played ‘Tricycle’ and ‘Needle & Thread’ and then Carim and Galia were interviewed for the show… After that Galia and preceded to gatecrash DJ Jose show and just dance around like a bunch loonies… poor Jose! But he didn’t realy seem to mind too much… he played some great tunes though… even just think about them gets me all excited :oP So I have added KXLU to my favorite stations and will hopefully start listening to their online stream asap…