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Le National – Montreal

June 27, 2006 by eshan_admin

The first thing most of us did when we hit Montreal was go to the launderette… it was about time too… the tour has been so full on so far that we wouldn’t have been able to wash our clothes even if we had wanted to (and trust me I wanted to!!!)… it is hard to put into words just how exciting a launderette can be when you are on the road and you are about to run out of clothes on a hot sweaty summers day… I think you get my drift… once I was done it was already time to load in… the venue we were to perform at was beautiful… apparently it was the first cinema in Montreal… after sound-checking I went to the nearest Thai and had the dish I always have – Pad Thai – I am so predictable when it comes to Thai food… just ask Carim :oP The show was great… unfortunately I couldn’t see the audience due to the combination of spotlights and my sunglasses… so it was hard to vibe with them… Juana did a brilliant show… her sound was the best I have heard all tour… it was weird to hear her speaking French all of a sudden though… couldn’t understand a word…. didn’t get to see much of Joses show as I had to fit a shower in before bus call… Carim and I went and grabbed some food before leaving… was pretty strange… my sandwich was ok I guess but Carim ordered a burger and it came covered in gravy and there were about 12 peas and 1 stuffed olive on top…. (and someone actually got paid to make that???)… was a laugh though anyway…. the waiter kept asking us all these questions about London as he is thinking of moving there… was entertaining to say the least……