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Lots of work done

February 17, 2005 by eshan_admin

After backing-up all of the preliminary sessions, I started on my first ‘style’ – pop. I decided to do pop first for two reasons – the first being that it’s a good style to use to get into the flow of things and secondly to get it out of the way as quickly as possible so I can move on to the more interesting stuff LOL! My goal had been to record ten tracks per session/style… today I managed to record 15 tracks for pop which is a good feeling 🙂 So the next backing-up session has already commenced!
I haven’t decided which style I am going to be doing tomorrow yet as my head is still too full with the tracks I have just been working on… but I am sure by the end of the evening I will have made my decision…
Catch you later 🙂