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MIT & Museum of Fine Arts – Boston

June 28, 2006 by eshan_admin

I have not been sleeping very well for the past few nights… sleeping on a tour bus every night whilst driving to the next city is alright for a while but after some time I find I don’t get enough deep sleep… just thought everyone should know that… anyway, Debs our tour-manager woke me up at 10 as we had a radio session to do before the show… all I knew beforehand was that it was a college radio-station… to my amazement it was was at MIT – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – pretty cool! We did our session for WMBR… played ‘Tricycle’ and ‘Needle and Thread’ as we always do… after that we were allowed to rummage through their t-shirt collection and I must have taken about 7 – result – I can’t help it… I just love free stuff LOL! Once we were done there we got a cab back to the venue… quite a special one this time… the Museum of Fine Arts.… our equipment had already been loaded in when we got there and I had some time to kill before soundchecking…. so I took myself off for a little wander around the different galleries… some great stuff there… my personal highlights were pieces by Miro, Pollock and Picasso… so amazing to see originals of their artwork! When it came round to soundchecking we had next to zero time to do it properly…. kinda sucked a little but I didn’t let it get to me… it wasn’t that bad anyway… we played a fun show… a lot of times with a seated show like this I find it can be hard to have any kind of rapport with the audience… it works well for classical music no doubt… but not necessarily for the kind of music we play… you want people bobbing back and forth to the groove, youknowwhadimean?! What was really strange was that we were packed up and out of the building before 11pm… thats a definite first I think! Most of us didn’t even know what to do with ourselves with an ‘entire’ night on our hands LOL!