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Monday morning feeling

February 21, 2005 by eshan_admin

Back in the studio as usual but it was a bit of a trial getting motivated again for another weeks worth of recording… I did manage to record another 15 tracks which lifted my spirits again 🙂 I went into Aachen early this morning as well to get the alleged new drumskin! The man in the shop didn’t really seem to have a clue so it was a good job I knew what I was looking for!

I actually ended up buying a couple of drum skins for the other toms as well… after putting them on I am still not sure if I like the sound of them as much as the other drumheads… Time will tell I am sure.
My style for today was experimental sample-based music. It was fun as usual but I have to admit it would be nice to have an assistant to save me runnung in and out of the control room between every take lol!
Anyway as usual I am now backing up the session in order to start anew tomorrow… still not sure what style I am going to do… I guess I will decide that when I get here… peace for now 🙂
xo xo xo