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Neumos, Seattle

June 19, 2006 by eshan_admin

Once we got to Neumos there was quite a bit of time to kill before soundchecking… Jose had just about set up for soundcheck and Juana was next so I went down to the backstage area and tried to get online to send some emails and upload some new posts on my blog… but for some reason my connection wasn’t working very well and kept cutting out… must have been all of the damage Andy Ross did to MY mac :oP Soundcheck went okay but no matter how much we tweaked our monitors the sound was kinda strange… I think it was down to the room… what can you do?! After we were done I still had a few hours to kill so I just took a walk around the local area and grabbed some more mexican food before coming back for the show… when it came time to go on stage the room was almost full… tonight we had another special appearance of our side project ‘Animal Damage‘… during the breakdown in Curuncula, Jose and Juana cam on stage and performed on the birds we bought a few days ago… truly inspiring performance I have to say… the crowd loved it… I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Animal Damage’ outsells all of our albums put together and then some… it is just so on the pulse of the next generation… (you can quote me on that if you like)… even though my sound was pretty bad, the feedback after the show was really good… Juana even went as far as saying that it was our best performance so far this tour… I think she was just being nice :oP Anyhow, most of us went up and checked out both Juanas and Joses performance and they were both just absolutely amazing… and the best thing was that Gwen, Gal and I had a cameo dance moment during Juanas set… we got to be the idiots we always are whilst Juana played some crazy Argentinean traditional music… pretty out there I agree and so would most of the audience I am sure… after the show we all hung out and had a laugh… as I write this it is 3:20am and I face the prospect of having to get up in a few hours when we reach the Canadian border… which none of us are looking forward to… see what pains we endure for our Canadian fans?!?!? Oh yeah, after 12:00 it was our tour manager Deb’s birthday…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEB’S!!!!