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Nice and Easy

February 18, 2005 by eshan_admin

After the initial phase of getting my act together this morning, I have managed to record 14 tracks with Hip Hop in mind. It was quite fun actually because Hip Hop drumming tends to be pretty laid back and all about the groove… I needed that kind of session this morning because I was pretty wrecked and uninspired when I got in the studio 🙂
Slowly but surely I am getting into the full swing of things though. I have never had the luxury of spending a full month in the studio just doing whatever it is I please… the cool thing, is that I am starting to see a pattern emerge… just the order I do things in – getting the software set up so it all works as efficiently as possible… and obviously the more one practices this studio stuff the better and more efficient one gets. Already I am starting to have incredible amounts of raw audio collecting on my desk in the studio in the form of CD-r’s… I pitty the mixing engineer who is going to have to work his way through it all LOL! I am trying to be good and back all of my work up after every session (which is the last thing I feel like doing after hours of drumming)… but it makes most sense to do it that way I find, as otherwise it can be hard to keep an overview on all of the different tracks etc… so that’s exactly what I am doing right now… backing uppppppppp 🙂