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Off day – NYC

July 1, 2006 by eshan_admin

Finally an easy going day with no set times to be anywhere or do anything… we all met up for some lunch on the lower east side…. the others were all so happy to have found a place that serves decent coffee… Carim almost fainted with joy lol! The panini I had was great as well…. and to top it all off our manager Andy arrived… everyone was happy to see him! We ended up going back to that place we were at earlier so he could have a coffee there too… after that I just went back to my room and caught up on some stuff I needed to do on my computer… in the evening we went out to Yoshi sushi again for some Japanese food… they rule! From there we went to Mo Pitkins where Jose was having a little end of tour get together… my highlight at that though was getting to meet Keziah Jones… his album ‘Blufunk is a fact‘ was a huge influence on my drumming… I remember getting his first album when I was about 16 or 17 and just practicing to it nonstop for about a year…. our manager Andy also manages him and brought him down to the party… mad what a small world it is… I didn’t hang out for too long though as nothing appealed to me more than just chilling out back at the hotel room on my own… sometimes you just gotta have some space….