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Pancake Mountain – Washington DC

June 30, 2006 by eshan_admin

Once we had packed up all our gear at the XM Satellite Radio session we drove over to the Black Cat… It was cool to be back here… I had played at the old Black Cat with Bow Wow Wow in 1997 (if I recall correctly) – apparently it moved locations around four years ago so it was cool to check out the new spot… it was a really nice venue and still had a similar vibe… anyway we had to load in as soon as we were allowed in, set up and soundcheck as the crew from Pancake Mountain were coming down shortly after…. I had never even heard of Pancake Mountain up until Galia told me we were doing this performance a few weeks ago… I think a friend of hers told her about it and when she saw it she said we just HAD to do it… when you see the production it’s pretty obvious why! When we were done soundchecking the crew were already setting up and shortly after all the kids were let in…. they all came up on stage and we played ‘Hi’ and ‘The Words’ with all the kids and a few parents dancing about… the whole thing was a little surreal to be honest but we all really enjoyed doing it and all the people involved were very nice…