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Paradiso – Amsterdam, Holland

December 11, 2005 by eshan_admin

After a good nights sleep in my own bed, I made breakfast. As of yesterday a mean flu-bug has been making the rounds and people aren’t looking too good! But, as the show must go on, we got back in our bus, said goodbye to Roetgen and made our way to Amsterdam to play at the Paradiso to support Annie. Amsterdam looked beautiful – just a shame we never had any time to check it out… I will have to come back at a later date I guess. Anyhow the show went very well for us – unfortunately we found out that the FOH sound was terrible during our show – due to technical reasons. Oh well, I guess you win some & you lose some! As soon as Annie was done with her show we packed up our gear and made our way down the motorway to get some of the travel to Paris over and done with… only to end up at the Holy Grail of all horrible motels: The Formula One… need I say more?!?!

Galia checking out my drums in the basement

Saying good bye to Judy and Tony

A quick thank you to Gero and the rest of ULAX for letting us use their rehearsal room

Andy and Eshan navigating down the motorway to Amsterdam

Gwen making cats
Cat litter

Jim & Eshan in Amsterdam

Galia & Andy hanging out backstage, Paradiso
Grabbing a quick bite to eat at Wagamamas


Andy playing with new spider toy

Wagamama next to The Paradiso

Poster of Paradiso show


Current collection of Hot Rods – or what is left of them!

Annie during soundcheck

My snare


My kit getting miked up

Galia discussing mic’s with Paradiso soundchick

Eshan hanging with official ‘Coolest Monitor Soundchick’ of this tour

Paradiso merchandise stand

Just before show

Jim hanging out with friend after show

Gwen and Galia after show

Galia and Eshan after show

All packed up and ready to GOOooooo……

Formula Vibe