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Psapp in Minneapolis

June 23, 2006 by eshan_admin

We got into Minneapolis really early and drove straight over to St Paul to do a radio session for Minnesota Public Radio. Apparently there was a bit of a misunderstanding…. we were told it was a full band session and they thought it was an acoustic session (which only involves Gal, Carim and myself)…. so when we got there we were booked into a small studio and it was all a little cramped… they wanted us to do the session straight away but I was famished and there was no way I could do this session on an empty stomach so they sent someone out to get some bagels for all of us… after that we were ready to roll… we played ‘Tricycle’, ‘The Words’ and ‘Hi’ … we were still a little tired from the long drive and I think we have all performed better but you can’t expect too much considering the circumstances… when we were done we drove back to the venue whilst Juana and Jose stayed at the station to do their session… on first sight I wasn’t too sure about this venue judging it from the outside… but luckily I was too be wrong… the place had a bit of a youth club feel and is run mostly by volunteers… everyone was really laid back and nice which always makes such a difference… once we loaded in we had about three hours to kill so a few of us went down the road to this sweet little coffee shop that had free wireless and was also showing the football match between France and Togo… I couldn’t have cared less about the football but it was a heaven send to have so much access to the internet and start updating my blog again… my connection kept timing out about 50% of the time which meant I had to upload a lot of the pictures more than once which did become pretty frustrating to say the least…. but I still left the place a happy man considering I got so much done… the show was sold out which was cool… we all had a great time… sound wasn’t the best in the world but the audiences reaction to our set well made up for that…. Juana did a great set as usual but her special highlight was when she started doing impressions of how English music sounds to her… soooooo funny… and Jose had the crowd in the palm of his hand as ever…. after the show we hung out with some of the people that worked there and they all made us feel very welcome and appreciated…. so I am sure we will be back to play there at some time in the future! Once we were loaded up and ready to go Jose had a special treat for us… R Kellys 45 minute long music video – which had us all cracking up within minutes of putting it on…. … … off to Chicago now……..