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Psapp Show – ABC, Glasgow

May 27, 2006 by eshan_admin

The drive to Glasgow wasn’t too bad… actually in parts it was quite nice. The scenery up there can be pretty spectacular. Once we got there we were all amazed at the interesting combination of shows at the venue. There was Barbera Morgenstern and us but also a band called ‘Down‘ led by ex-Pantera singer Phil Anselmo. I managed to get our tour manager Paul (aka The Nutslut) into trouble because I was caught spying on Downs soundcheck LOL! I am such a trouble maker… at least I like to think I am :oP
The show went really well though even considering I had damaged my knuckle last night and had problems playing. During one of Carim and my ‘snake fights’, snakee went flying straight out into the audience and ended up around the neck of some young female. Even though Carim got snakee back after the show, both suffered serious trauma! After the show everyone went out to party but I was too busy installing OS X on my mac which for some unknown reason was an absolute nightmare… anyway at about 4am I finally had it up and running….zzzzzzzzz……….