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Psapp Show – The Spitz, London

May 30, 2006 by eshan_admin

After cabbing all the gear from the Joint to the Spitz we set up for soundcheck. All went pretty smoothly. Once I was done I went down to Brick Lane and had some Indian food. The place I had meant to go had actually closed down which was a bit of a bummer (I know, my life is soooo hard)… anyway, still had a lovely meal. On the way by chance I passed some sort of juggling club going on at Spitalfields Market…. as I had a half hour to kill I just sat in a corner an watched them in awe…. they were all so good it was scary… bet it’s a cool hobby to have… maybe I will start juggling on this tour to kill some time…. anyway we had a GREAT show this evening… the whole night was brilliant… so many people turned up compared to our last show here and everyone seemed up for having a laugh which was nice… the highlight of the show had to be our thrash-metal version of “Calm Down” which we came up with at rehearsals yesterday… playing thrash-metal on my Psapp kit with hotrods is no joke though…. I was totally dead after the show! Once we got back home to Psapp HQ we were all a little hungry so we went down to the nearest 7/11 and did some guerilla marketing on the way…. vibe!