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Retail Entertainment Design, Seattle

June 19, 2006 by eshan_admin

We arrived in Seattle around midday but again there was no time to actually check out the city. I had been planning on visiting my hero Bruce Lees grave… the whole reason I started drumming when I was 12 was because I thought I would be able to fight with sticks the way Bruce Lee did at the end of his last movie ‘Enter The Dragon’…. I also wanted to go check out that beautiful market down by the ocean where they have all the fresh seafood stalls etc…. but alas it was not to be… we barely managed to get some food at a nearby Korean/Japanese restaurant (which was very good) and then we were picked up to go to R-E-D (myspace link)in Bellevue… on our way over there I took out my iPod and listened to a selection of my favorite grunge music including Nirvana, Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam… probably sounds really cheesy but it made my day :oP
Our driver for the day was called John and he was really sweet… he gave us a little sightseeing tour on the way over to R-E-D which was cool… we had expected to be doing an acoustic radio session but it turned out we were being filmed and an edit of our performance and interview would be played in places like Virgin Megastore and AT&T wireless etc… anyway, we had a laugh with the R-E-D peeps and then John drove us back into town to Neumos.