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Rhythmic Deconstruction

March 1, 2005 by eshan_admin

It ended up being a late start for me today in the studio… had loads of stuff I just had to sort out before I could get around to recording… anyway, I ended up throwing my plan out the window in terms of recording short loops LOL! Since time is flying pretty quickly I ended up just having a good jam, playing with lots of different ideas at any given time… the session ended in me just switching off the click and playing total free-form. I have had this concept floating around in my crazy little head for a while now and there seemed no better time than today to try it out… hard to put into words really, but the basic jist of it is that there is barely any constant rhythmic pulse – it just keeps modulating in random and structured ways… like I said, hard to put into words… I haven’t listened back to any of todays material yet, but if there is anything good in there I will be sure to post it on this page at a later date…

Right another day, another session!
Time for some time out :O)=