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Schick & Schoen – Mainz, Germany

December 9, 2005 by eshan_admin

On our way to Mainz this morning we drove past Aachen, which is the next closest city to where I live. I was that sad that even the ugly power station in Eschweiler made me homesick LOL! Just outside of Dueren the power in our tourbus suddenly went and Andy had to pull over onto the side of the motorway… we had no idea what could have caused it apart from the battery being dead… turns out I kicked loose a lead with my feet that cut the power – am I bad?! When we started to play our show at Schick & Schoen in the evening the place was literally empty – apart from our manager Andy and soundvibe. But we still had a blast and cheered ourselves on. Half way through the set the place started filling up with people and the little audience that was there loved the show and made us feel appreciated which was lovely!

Eschweiler power station -some site for sore eyes!

Van breaks down outside Dueren… wonder why?!

Backstage at Schick & Schoen

Carim and Eshan backstage, Schick & Schoen
Eating at arabic restaurant, Mainz

David taking pictures of Galia

Onstage, Schick & Schoen