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Stilt World record

June 19, 2009 by eshan_admin

What a day…. in order to celebrate Cirques 25th anniversary one of the events was to try and reclaim the world record in stilt walking…. And it couldn’t have been a better day for it… The sun was shining and hundreds of people made it to the Cirque International Headquarters to give it their best shot… I decided to walk around and take some pictures of all the cool sights… Before I knew it they stuck me in a pair of stilts and had me participate alongside them all…. Wasn’t exactly prepared for it as I had never done it before and after my first few steps almost fell flat on my face… but with a little practice all was good and I decided to give it my best shot… it was so much fun…. You could literally see all the energy sparkling in the air… everyone was so excited… then off we went… It was kind of like a slow 100 meter run (on stilts)… And the people from Guinness were at the other side waiting to count all the participants…. With all the people from the other Cirque Du Soleil sites I believe we were well over one thousand people on stilts and therefore now collectively are the “title holders” of this world record… AWESOME!