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  1. International Podcast #2 – feat. Boredoms

    September 10, 2012 by eshan_admin

    This is the first episode of my mini Boredoms Experience documentary… I explain how I got the gig, the unique way I had to prepare for the rehearsals and my fears of doing my first show since my kidney transplant… enjoy!

    This is my studio set up that I used to cut up the track SCHOOL on ableton. And the bulk of learning it was done on this practice pad LOL!

    Getting psyched....!

    Working out in my basement…. getting psyyyyyyched!

    This is my OLD practice kit that was my only means of practicing all four limbs.

    Just before rehearsals began I went way out into countryside (5 minutes from my house 🙂 to LET GO and RELAX … the proverbial quiet before the storm…

    Letting it rip b4 getting ready to leave for rehearsals at the Monschau Marathon.

    Here is a performance of my friend Dodo NKishi performing with Mouse On Mars.

    This is the video Dodo sent to me to see if I would be up for doing the show and also the first performance I had ever seen of The Boredoms.

    This is the Dave Grohl / Amoeba video where Dave mentions the Boredoms….

    This is the video of the Boredoms performing BOAdrum in Brooklyn NYC with 77(!!!) drummers on the 7/7/2007.

    Here you can see one of the American Boredoms drummers Jeremy rehearsing SCHOOL at an earlier show.

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