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  1. shriLektric // Live from The Console // Secret Set

    September 11, 2012 by eshan_admin

    This is my friend Shri Sriram from India… we first met way back in 1993 in The Jazz Bistro in London where I was part of the house band during the Friday night musicians jam… got to meet a lot of amazing musicians whilst playing there but Shri was definitely the most unique… we had some unbelievable jams there and a friendship started that has already lasted almost 20 years! He was bad ass back then and is bad asssssss now… he started out as a tabla player and after years of playing decided he wanted to learn bass…. so he carved up his own bass (see picture below) – ripped out all the frets and taught himself to play… what makes his playing SO unique is the way he incorporates his tabla abilities INTO his bass playing… here’s another track from the album “Drum The Bass” that I also played on back in the 90’s …