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Thank you for the support

September 21, 2006 by eshan_admin

I have to say I am touched by all the good wishes and support I have received from both European and American Psapp fans about my having left the band – I really didn’t expect it! It’s nice to know that my contribution to the band was at least appreciated by the fans… some of you have asked about any possible future collaboration between Psapp and myself… as far as this is concerned I would like to give this short explanation… we had parted ways amicably and left the possibililty open for future work together… but I was recently paid a surprise visit at my home here in Germany by the band and without going into any details, certain members of the band left a bit of a bad ‘aftertaste’ just before they left… so I think it would be safe to say at present that any future collaboration is unlikely… a shame really… but that’s life… and there are other exciting things around the corner, so it’s all good… as far as Psapps future success without me is concerned, I assure you all that if they can make it happen, they will – as they have a strong vision of what they want to achieve and are apparently willing to do whatever it takes to get it… so I wouldn’t worry about that… I for one wish them all the best, as I am still a huge fan of their music and think it should be heard… enough said… on to bigger and better things :O)