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Thats It!

March 7, 2005 by eshan_admin

Hard to believe, but one whole month in the studio has now come to an end… sad and happy feelings at the same time… sad that I have to take down my kit this afternoon and that the option to record whatever I feel like whenever I feel like it is gone for the time being… and happy because I can now move on to putting together a handful of example chapters for my book and really get into the whole writing side of things!
I managed to record ten more quick ideas today just for the heck of it… I really didn’t think I would even make it in to the studio at all today as I felt sooooooooo ill this morning! But I just couldn’t pass by my last official day in the studio 🙂
Now I am backing up all of the final files and any other misc. things I haven’t gotten around to backing up yet… then it will be time to take down all the mic’s and after that the drumkit and get everything back in order again for the next people who are in here!