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The Big Chill – England

August 5, 2006 by eshan_admin

Today was another day of MAD coincidences.

We all met up at Psapp HQ around 12:30 and left for the Big Chill

After we got there and sorted out the gear we got handed our passes and the program which listed who was playing etc… I randomly opened it and couldn’t believe my eyes…

Blue Man Group were doing a show 15 minutes from then… how bizarre is that…. so off I went….

…on the way over there I passed the Open stage and my good friend Shri was doing a show…

I hung about for 5 minutes to check them out and then continued on over to the Media Mix stage….

…when I got there, about 100 people or more were standing outside every entrance and there was NO way in… I couldn’t see anything and was really bummed… I managed to struggle forward a little but still no luck… then I realized I could get backstage with my wristband (doh)… which is exactly what I did….

… was so cool to see it live… up until now I had only seen the Complex DVD

…and then to my biggest surprise I saw Jens was playing… he auditioned me in Berlin a couple of weeks ago… trippy stuff!

So I hung out for a while and got to meet up with them all and I told them that we were playing a few hours later on the Sanctuary Stage… a few of them said they would check it out which was a nice….

…so then I went back to set up the gear and get ready for the show… Gal and Carim had an interview and then we had to get the gear on stage…

…the show went very well… sound was odd but it always is at festivals… but the crowd were really great and responsive which always makes things better… and at least my kit wasn’t moving all over the place as it was a couple of nights ago

…after the show we all got to hang out with friends who were at the festival… was quite a turnout actually…

…once we had packed all the gear together again I went back over to the Media Mix stage and got to watch the Blue Man Group from the front of the stage this time… was such a good show… those guys are amazingly talented… my favorite part was when they were throwing marshmallows into one of the Blue mans mouths and it just kept getting more and more full… how he did it I do not know….

…afterwards we all got to hang out a little more and I got to meet a whole bunch of the other musicians and blue men… all were so nice and done to earth… they are going to let me come down to check out some shows next week which I am really looking forward to…

…anyway now we are all on the bus back home and I am a little tired….