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The Hothouse – Chicago

June 24, 2006 by eshan_admin

When I woke up this morning everyone was already up and had loaded in the gear… not sure why no one woke me up… weird … anyway we all went to grab a bite to eat and then Gal, Juana and I just went for a little walk around town and got up to our usual mischief… and it was SO much fun…. afterwards I went back to the hotel and spent a few hours online updating my blog… as usual I had weird problems with my connection timing out and I had to keep uploading my pictures over and over…. oh well, better than not getting anything done I guess… around 6pm we all went over to the venue and set up our stuff while Juana soundchecked. We were all starving by the time we were done so Gal and a few others popped out and got some pizza for us to eat… I haven’t enjoyed pizza that much in a long time… the show was kind of weird for me to be honest… felt like I was standing beside myself for the entire show… it was unsatisfying to say the least… it was due to lots of different factors together… oh well, you win some you lose some… what can you do ?!