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Travel Day number deux

June 22, 2006 by eshan_admin

Today was a LONG day on the bus… you can tell that the ‘coolness’ of the tourbus is starting to wear off very quickly now… especially as lots of things aren’t working as they should be… the electric door to the toilet broke… the air-conditioning went down for a while… the fridge is beginning to smell and the TV/sound system plays up every now and again… but I am sure it could be worse :oP
Today was by far the day of the pusspuss… Galia, Juana and Gwen were making them all day… and to top it off they have started making an epic story of how they all relate to each other… we even had a photo-shoot during one of the breaks in North Dakota… I am telling you, they take this pretty serious! In the evening we stopped off at a ‘Cracker Barrel’ to get some food… I wasn’t even hungry because I had been eating dried fruit all day – courtesy of Joses performance at Amoeba in Los Angeles – but I had a soup just so I could at least feel like I had eaten something proper today… my highlight of the day was that the shop in the Cracker Barrel had a set of juggling balls… I have been wanting a set since I saw those jugglers at Spitalfield Market a few weeks ago… so I spent the next 30 minutes juggling just to burn off some calories… gotta do something to get some exercise!