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Trinity St. Pauls – Toronto

June 26, 2006 by eshan_admin

I didn’t get up until 2pm today just as we arrived in Toronto… we had to load in straight away as we were running late… we were playing in a church today which was a nice change of stage scenery… the crew were helpful but one of the people ‘in charge’ was kinda rude… won’t go into any detail but I guess it had to happen sooner or later… we’ve had so many nice people on this tour, it was about time for there to be someone who thought they were the most important thing since sliced bread… the whole thing did put somewhat of a damper on the show and to top it off we had to cut 2 songs from our usual set because we were ‘running over’… whatever…. Juana and Jose sounded great in the church… the acoustics were perfect for their setup… after the show I went for a walk around the local area just to get some movement and fresh air…. stumbled across a really sweet bookstore that sold new & used books… couldn’t believe they were still open… was sooooooooooo nice to just hang out and browse… they had a very good selection too… right, on the bus writing my blog now and we will be off to Montreal in about an hour…….