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World Cafe – Philadelphia

July 1, 2006 by eshan_admin

Today was our last of shows ‘on the road’ so to speak – for this tour anyway… after loading our gear in most of us were starving and decided to take a little wander into the city to grab a bite… we ended up at this amazing Italian restaurant… I wasn’t too keen on Italian at first but just went along with it because we had little time to mess about… but the food was amazing and the guy who owned the place was one of the coolest guys ever… after some of the stress we have been having with various people recently it was kinda ‘weird’ to have someone be nice to us – freaky right?! As we were running a little late Jim, David and I took a cab back to the venue so we wouldn’t get into trouble… but Juana was still soundchecking so all was good… the World Cafe was an amazing venue… it is part of the WXPN radio station… but they had great equipment and really pro staff…. all of our shows went out live on the air so the schedule for going on and coming off was very strict… I didn’t get to enjoy our show at all tonight… just after we started into the first song I got a stitch in my side and it didn’t go away for the entire show… so I was concentrating on getting through the show without passing out in pain… luckily I got through it ok and once I rested for 5 minutes after coming off stage it went away… what can you do??? Poor Juana – she had a terrible show… wasn’t her fault though… she couldn’t hear her loops again in the monitors and had a VERY hard time playing to them… she was pretty upset after the show… and rightly so… I really felt for her… at least when you are up there as a band and stuff goes wrong you can take the blow together… but being on stage all on your own… I wouldn’t have wanted to be in her shoes…. Jose said his show was fine though… I guess thats just the nature of playing live at different venues every night… there is very little room to rectify a problem once you are on stage – especially when it is being broadcast live on the air! We hung out after the show and just messed about as usual and then had our final drive up to New York City on the tour-bus… it was a little strange knowing that this was the last few hours on the bus but I don’t think any of us were that sad about it… as we had some time to kill I showed Juana and Jim some of the key concepts that I touch upon in the drum-method I am writing… they both seemed to like my approach so I said I would do a little online course for them which I am quite excited about… finally I have found some guinea pigs to test this stuff on :oP
We got into NYC at about 4am and then we had to load all of the gear into our hotel rooms… it was soooooooooooo nice to actually have SPACE again… so I went through my stuff and sorted it out and then had a bath…. seldom have I enjoyed a bath so much…. so it wasn’t until after 6am that I got to sleep in the end but by that point I didn’t even care about that :o)