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XM Satellite Radio – Washington DC

June 29, 2006 by eshan_admin

I was so wrecked this morning when Debs woke me up to do this session… I was still up at 4-am hanging upside down out of my bunk with Juana… thats how we stretch our backs on the bus…. anyway, couldn’t get to sleep after that for ages… when it came to get up this morning I was pretty out of it… but alas I was not the only one…. Gal and especially Carim surpassed me by far I can safely say 🙂 at first we were told it was going to be a full band radio session and then just before we left we were told that it was going to be an acoustic session for time reasons… then when we got in there it turns out that they wanted us to do a full set which we can only do with a full band… so looks like A LOT of people were out of it this morning lol! But we are all used to that by now I think lol… so instead of doing a set as they had hoped for we did ‘Tricycle’, ‘Needle & Thread’ and added ‘Everybody Wants To Be A Cat’… … … the building that XM is in and all of its studios and facilities were unbelievable… I have never seen anything like it before! Once we were all miked up and ready to go it took us quite a few takes of each song before we had something we were happy with… it was just too early in the morning and no-ones brain was functioning properly… but everyone there seemed happy enough with what we delivered so I guess (or at least hope) that it wasn’t too bad :o/ Gal and I made sure we got some good swag though…. as always! On the way we did a special photo-shoot which will be featured on here next! An interesting little bit of trivia we were told was that this building used to be a printing press and the first issue of National Geographic was printed there… nice….