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Yahoo Music – Los Angeles

June 15, 2006 by eshan_admin

After the Rhino session we drove back to Santa Monica to the Yahoo Music studios to do our next session. They have a show that showcases new up & coming bands so it was great to be asked to do this. Their whole studio facilities were great and we had our own ‘Psapp Only’ room to abuse as we pleased (which we got straight into doing of course!)… Once I had some food it was time to set up the gear and start sound checking… the entire Yahoo team were very supportive and helpful which just made the whole session a real pleasure… we played ‘Tricycle’, ‘Hi’ and ‘The Words’ off of the new album and it seemed to go down a treat… we had fun anyway…. but the most fun was the photo machine in our dressing room… we ended up taking some legendary pictures on there which I am sure will be talked about for years to come!!!